17 Jul

Academy - Benefits and Deductions - A Deeper Dive (HR and Payroll) July 2019

Academy - Benefits and Deductions - A Deeper Dive (HR and Payroll) July 2019

Wednesday, July 17, 2019 (12:45 PM) to Wednesday, July 17, 2019 (5:00 PM) (Eastern Time)

Jeannette Coty Bachellor


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Are you currently using Payroll for Deductions and/or Benefits? Are you thinking of using the HR Benefits area but unsure of how to integrate it with Payroll? Or, are you setting up HR and Payroll for the first time? Whatever your situation is, this class is for you! We will cover all the steps needed to complete the full integration between HR and Payroll and discuss the many advantages of using the Human Resources module for Benefits management. 

This class will be “Hands On” and will include the following:
• An overview of the Benefits area in Human Resources
• Benefit Preferences setup
• Steps to configure Benefits/Deductions in HR and integrate with Payroll
• What to do if the HR and Payroll information doesn’t match
• Benefits Enrollment/Assignment
• How to change Benefit Rates and “Roll Down” the changes
• Steps to get the HR side going if currently using Payroll
• ACA Info for reporting
• Benefit Reports & Letters
• Tips and Tricks as we go!

Audience: HR, Payroll, Accounting, IT Support

Level: All Levels

Prerequisites: - Basic knowledge of GP Payroll & HR

Instructor: Jeannette Coty Bachellor, GP HR Consultant & Trainer

*Not sure if this class is for you? Feel free to contact the instructor at jcoty@cotyconsulting.com or 612-270-7160.

Preparation: The detailed instructions for connecting and attending the class will be sent one to two days prior to class. Students have the option of connecting to the class via conference call or VOIP. If using VOIP, a headset with a microphone is strongly recommended. If your instructor will use the hands-on training environment you will receive a separate email with the setup instructions, and a dual monitor is strongly recommended to facilitate navigation.

Delivery Method: Group Internet-based

CPE Credits: By participating in this class you are eligible to earn up to 4 CPE credits which will be distributed automatically following class completion. Class participation will be monitored and you will not receive CPE credit for any portion of the class that you do not appear fully engaged.

Jeannette Coty Bachellor
Jeannette has over 20 years of experience with GP Human Resources as a Consultant and Trainer. She has worked with customers all over the country, in many types of industries including Healthcare, Public Utilities, Local Governments, Professional Services, Casino/Hospitality, Missionaries, Retail & Manufacturing. Jeannette is extremely passionate about teaching HR classes for the GPUG Academy! She likes to make learning GP HR, "Fun" and non-intimidating. She provides a casual & friendly atmosphere so students at all levels feel comfortable. As a Consultant, Jeannette loves to help her customers optimize their HRP system. She will collaborate with the best GP Consultants and Solution Providers to give them what they need to streamline their HR & Payroll business processes. She is also a member of the Dynamics Pro HRP Exam Committee and has received the “Granite Award” for Partner Contributions to the GPUG Community for the last 3 years!